RumSky Adventure
  • We start by picking up of our guest from all the local camps in Disi Area. See below for camp names. At the end of of the show we send our guests back to their camps. Our ticket price includes transportation unless you are staying outside Disi; (Rum, Aqaba, Etc).

  • Adventure start with a 20 minute presentation that takes you on a journey that sheds light on the cosmos. Anchored in our solar system we venture out in the the Milky Way and then travel to all parts of the Universe.

  • As the presentation comes to a close we step out into the real world and begin our trek across the sky. Follow the light of the green laser as it takes you around the night sky, then get your first amazing look at the sky through the optics of our telescopes, opening up the wonders of the Universe for you to see with your own eyes. We have five large telescopes (16 inch, 11 inch and 5 inch).

  • As part of this experience you will walk away with the keys of the ancients about reading the stars and navigation. Have you ever wondered about the constellations? Let us look at them through the eyes of our forefathers, and see as they did.
  • The night sky is filled with many wonders, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. See for yourselves through our telescopes that which you have only seen in pictures. The grandeur of the stars and gasses that make up the galaxies and nebulae that fill our skies.

  • After enjoying the evening under the stars, how about a memorable group photo by our professional astrophotographers with the stars as your background. Photos will be uploaded onto our social media platforms for you to have a picture perfect memory of the evening. Check with our reception desk for personalized pictures.

  • Our show lasts for 90 minutes, but that does not mean that the night has ended. Those who wish to stay longer are more than welcome (we don't go to bed early!).

  • Private shows can be arranged, Either in RumSky Observatory or in your accommodation camp. For pricing and details please contact us.

  • During the months of October to April, desert nights can range between chilly and cold, so please make sure to bring warm clothes. If by chance you forget, then no worries, we have got you covered!
Rumsky Activity steps
The fun starts with the ride
Relaxing before guests gathering
Quick presentation to understand basic astronomy
Go deep in the sky with large telecopes
Get to know the sky and the myths around it

1. SunCity Camp
2. Al Sharah Luxury Camp
3. Hasan Zawaideh Camp
4. Bait Ali Camp
5. Key Camp
6. Legend Camp

7. Zeina Desert Lodge
8. Martian Camp
9. Enjoy luxury Camp
10. Rum Planet Camp
11. Dream Camp
12. Mouzon Camp

13. Space Village Camp
14. Obeid’s Bedouin Life Camp
15. Rahayeb Desert Camp
16. Salman Al Zawaideh
17. Aladdin camp
18. Desert Planet Camp

19. Zawaideh Camp
20. Arena desert adventure Camp
21. Mazayen Rum Camp
22. Orbit Camp
23. Rum Magic Camp
24. Captain Camp

25. Hillawi (Rose Sand) Camp
26. Al-Sultana Luxury Camp
27. Jabal Rum Camp
28. Jamal Rum Camp
29. Rise Camp Wadi Rum
30. UFO – Bubble Luxotel
31. Rum Oasis Luxury Camp

  • If your accommodation camp is not listed above then your camp is remote. In this case we can arrange your pick up at cost. Contact us for arrangements.