Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions:

We start by picking up our guest from all the local camps in Disi Area around 7:45 Pm in winter. (Summer times change, please check with us). Don’t worry we always pick you up after your dinner.

The adventure starts with a 20-minute presentation that takes you on a journey that sheds light on the cosmos. 
As the presentation ends, we step out and begin our trek across the sky. We split our guests in 2 equal groups:
Group 1
Follow the light of the green laser surrounded by a candle track. A professional astronomer takes you around the night sky, explaining how to find directions in the night through the stars’ system.
Then explaining the daily and annual rotation of stars. We show our guests various constellations and horoscopes with the aid of the laser.
We explain ancient mythologies from various cultures. This session takes 35 minutes.
Group 2
Will spend time on large telescopes, computerized with GPS systems. They see various targets like: Galaxies, Nebulae, planets and its moons, etc.
The session is guided by another professional astronomer. This session takes 35 minutes. At the middle of the show. Group 1 and 2 switch.
At the end we take group photo with the night objects.


Privacy Policy:

All customer records are kept confidential. If customer’s pose for pictures taken by RumSky staff and/or equipment this implies pictures are RumSky’s property and they can be published on marketing and social media platforms. Customers can choose not to appear in such pictures by notifying RumSky staff.


Refund Policy:

  • All bookings cancelled 24 hours before activity are refundable.
  • All bookings cancelled due to weather conditions are refundable.
  • Refund is processed in full price less credit card fees deducted by credit card network.


Cancellation Policy:

Bookings can be cancelled by travellers 24 hours or more before activity time, Fully refundable.  Activity can be cancelled due to weather not permitting and also fully refundable.


Service Prices

  • Adults:  USD 30.00
  • Children below 12 and over 6 years: USD 15.00
  • Children below 6 years: Free
  • (All children below 12 must be accompanied by adult family member or education institute staff.)
  • RumSky ticket inclusive of back and forth transportation from designated published camps in Wadi Rum.
  • Price does not include private pictures, nor beverage service except drinking water.
  • Price include the service of lending a returnable winter coat if required/ requested by customer.
  • Price does not include the service of connecting customers’ equipment to RumSky telescopes as in astrophotography.


Delivery Policy and Method:

  • Tickets for RumSky include back and forth transportation from designated published Camps in Wadi Rum and 1.30 hours of stargazing activity as mentioned in the terms and conditions.
  • The name on the booking must match the name of arriving customer. One group member can make booking for a group given he is accompanying the group.
  • One booking entitles carrier for one ticket for an adult. See pricing for other age groups and see cancellation and refund policy.
  • Private shows can be arranged and are not subject for this delivery/pricing policy and can be coordinated with our booking desk.